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Re: sysinst with Lua support

>> Lua is a actually quite small, ~181KB on amd64.  The USE_LUA knob is a
>> leftover from when I did not yet add liblua to the list files in install
>> kernels.  I will eventually remove that.  Right now, this means adding
>> some KB to install media, but in the future, some existing code can be
>> removed.
> 181KB is large enough some poor RAMDISK based ports which have
> kernel size restriction.  If we can't remove old manuc/msgc right now
> (or lua is larger than past), it would still cause less trouble
> to keep USE_LUA option for such tier-II ports.

Indeed.  I just tried to build the atari port with Lua enabled, it
failes because of teh size.  So for now we could turn off Lua for these
ports, but we run into a big problem if sysinst one day requires Lua.
So I think it is better to try to shrink sysinst already now, so that it
still fits on the install floppy.

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