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Re: sysinst with Lua support

> Some ports use a floppy format that allows the image to be split 
> over many floppies.  The format is called ustarfs, and is based on 
> a split tar archive.  Some of the code to build the floppies is 
> in src/distrib/common/Makefile.tarfloppy.
> Those ports that do not already use Makefile.tarfloppy could be 
> changed to do so.  The ports that already use Makefile.tarfloppy 
> might need the number of floppies to be incremented.

The problem is not so simple:
 - atari ports also supports "loadbsd" command for T-OS (Atari's native OS)
   and it loads kernel from MS-DOS format floppy (no way to split)
 - sparc ports doesn't have ustarfs floppy support (yet)
 - some ports has restriction of kernel size (i.e. ramdisk size),
   not floppy size

Izumi Tsutsui

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