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Re: CVS commit: src/bin/hostname

On 25/07/2013 1:27, Mouse wrote:
ps: all those new args to hostname(1) should be removed, they have
nothing whatever do do with hostnames, aside from possibly -f, which
is what hostname (absent -s) should always display.   What's more
they should be removed very soon, before anyone can possibly start to
reply upon them.

In case anyone cares, I quite agree with kre here.  Most of that stuff
has no business in hostname(1); those things belong in other tools.  I
haven't thought enough to suggest specific examples, but I'd hazard a
guess that netstat, ifconfig, and some (possibly new) DNS tool would be
reasonable places to consider.  "Do one thing well."

I think they belong in hostname(1) because it now allows you to see how others view your hostname depending on network parameters.

There seems to be a lot who disagree with me and frankly I don't want to spend more time bike shedding than working. I've spend more time reading this whole thread than actually writing the code I did for this change.

So if someone doesn't like it with a CVS commit bit, feel free to rip it out and I'll keep my changes local.


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