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Re: radiusd: Error detected by libpthread: Invalid mutex.

> It is prolly a radiusd bug:
And I probably need some help here.

> $ gdb radiusd radiusd.core
> (gdb) where
I don't get a core (with allow_core_dumps = yes in radiusd.conf).

I tried gdb with follow-fork-mode set to child and a breakpoint on
pthread__errorfunc, but I get

        /usr/src/external/gpl3/gdb/dist/gdb/infrun.c:3036: internal-error: 
handle_inferior_event: Assertion `inf' failed.
        A problem internal to GDB has been detected,
        further debugging may prove unreliable.

So I'm having a pretty hard time finding out who is calling pthread_mutex_lock()
with a non-initialized mutex.

This is on a pretty recent (few days old) 6 (i.e. 6.1_RC4).

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