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Re: where is res_nupdate()?

In article <>,
Emmanuel Dreyfus <> wrote:
>NetBSD 6.0 has <res_update.h>, which defines res_nupdate(). However, the
>symbol does not seems to be defined anywhere in /lib or /usr/lib, and
>trying to use the header I get an error because of a missing
>/usr/include/res_update.h:29:22: fatal error: isc/list.h: No such file
>or directory
>I guess, DNS update client functionnality is absent from NetBSD resolver
>in base system. How do I get it? I tried pkgsrc/net/bind99 but it seems
>to be also absent there.

The isc linked list issue has been fixed on head. You need libresolv
to get the res_nupdate function. You can pullup all the changes if
you want it fixed.


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