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Re: Conditional rc.d scripts? / launchd port: Worth it?

Greg Troxel <> wrote:
 |'do the right thing with the network' daemon.  The devil is in making it
 |sane and not annoying.

i never really (tried Apple, but practically work with 8 open
terminal windows, and that .app is buggy) got launchd right:

  if ifconfig ${IFACE} | grep inet >/dev/null 2>&1; then
    while [ 2 -gt "`ifconfig ${IFACE} | \
        awk 'BEGIN {i=0} /inet/{++i} END {print i}'`" ]; do
      echo "Not all addresses assigned to ${IFACE} yet"
      sleep 1
    sleep 5 # LaunchDaemon is stupid
    without this sleep i'll sometimes get a pop-up "network
    address is already in use", whatever this means
    ... (ipfw(8) setup)
    sleep 10 # LaunchDaemon is stupid
    without this sleep the script is (most often, practically
    always) invoked twice when the interface comes up;
    interestingly that doesn't happen with this sleep.
    Say - isn't that shit?

..and luckily someone else was so nice and posted an actually
working LaunchAgent XML configuration file.
So i really don't know, there must be better solutions to get
Mac OS X going (i hope).

 |This was kind of gross, but worked well enough that I didn't do more.


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