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Re: "dynamic" fstab

On 14 March 2013 07:36, Alan Barrett <> wrote:
> I use "from_mount" in the fs_spec column of /etc/fstab.  This is documented
> in mount(8), but not in fstab(5).  /etc/rc.d/fsck_root does not know how to
> deal with that, but I have an unusual setup and use "0" in the fs_passno
> column to suppress fsck_root.
> I'd suggest modifying /etc/rc.d/fsck_root to look for fs_spec="from_mount"
> flag, and use sysctl kern.root_device in that case.  It does not have to
> edit /etc/fstab; it just has to pass the correct device name to fsck(8).  We
> could/should also modify fsck(8) to understand fs_spec="from_mount".

from_mount seems useful enough to warrant documenting in fstab(5). In
fact it could even deserve mentioning in a comment in the default
/etc/fstab :)

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