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Re: Conditional rc.d scripts?

>    Best case scenario would be:
>    1) If a "3G"-device has been found by the kernel, use ppp.
>    2) Else, check if ath0 exists -- if so, use it.
>    3) Use bge0

This, you can do by adding a little shell code to rc.conf.  (At least
you can as of 4.x and 5.x; I don't know whether that capability has
been yet another casualty of the drive to trivialize automated
administration in more recent versions.)

>    Or, have it ask during startup:

>    "Where are you?
>    1) Home (wired)
>    2) Train (ppp)
>    3) Work (wifi)"

newbtconf(8) can do something very much like this (and a bunch more).


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