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Re: iconv(3) and POSIX

Greg Troxel <> writes:

> The difficulty git is having (I think) is that it is compiling a test
> program with the POSIX declaration, and that test program fails to
> build.  It is likely be that our iconv would be fine with the actual git
> code.  So perhaps a different autoconf test is in order.  So I think
> this is an example of the same class of problem as "portably pass around
> pointers", where strict type matching by the compiler fails.  But I
> don't understand how this works with GNU iconv.

It turns out this is more subtle.  James suggested that "const char **"
as an argument type was not problematic, because a "char **" would be
promoted.  That observation seemed entirely correct and reasonable to
me.  But the promotion actually does cause a warning.  My local C99
language lawyer explained that this promotion is strictly speaking
improper (perhaps because the function could change the pointer to point
to a string constant, which could then be attempted to be written by the
caller), even though in any sane program it's fine.

In git, the OLD_ICONV ifdef is used precisely to avoid this warning, by
using the platform-appropriate type for the variable used to pass the
input.  Amusingly, git's wrapper function take "const char *in" as the
input parameter, and ends up casting that to char * if OLD_ICONV is
*not* defined.  So indeed, git's code is better in the OLD_ICONV

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