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Re: Please consider replace src/dist/nvi with nvi2

On Tue, 09 Oct 2012, Zhihao Yuan wrote:
What version of nvi did you start with?
nvi-1.79 in FreeBSD's src/contrib/nvi

OK, thanks.

/usr/sbin/sendmail is the traditional way for programs to submit email, and it usually works well. What problem did you have with that, and what is your solution in more detail?

As I said in my previous email, I wrote something wrong here. What I did is to use socket(2) to send recovery mails in nvi's :preserve command, which used _PATH_SENDMAIL before. virecover still uses sendmail, +uudecode in my version.

Do you mean that you open a socket to TCP port 25 and speak SMTP over it? I would certainly not want that. I don't have anything listening on port 25, but I do have a working /usr/sbin/sendmail.

I see that the version of nvi in NetBSD invokes "sendmail -t" (in the rcv_email() function in src/dist/nvi/common/recover.c). It might be a good idea to add the "-odq" or "-odb" options to make it faster. I don't think it makes a difference with postfix sendmail, but with sendmail sendmail, "-odq" should make it just queue the message, and "-odb" should make it deliver in the background. The default is set in, and might be equivalent to "-odf", to deliver in the foreground.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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