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Re: Please consider replace src/dist/nvi with nvi2

On Mon, 08 Oct 2012, Zhihao Yuan wrote:
I'm maintaining another multibyte nvi fork, nvi2

What version of nvi did you start with? The oldest commit that I see in your git repository is this:

commit 8c964cf4c028c06cc1d3e56ae97a26db924e47a0
Author: Zhihao Yuan <>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 13:15:33 2011 -0500

    merge README

but I can't easily tell what version of nvi it was based on.

For your next project, it would be a good idea to let your first commit be the unmodified sources that you started with, and to let your first change go into your second commit.

1. UTF-16 editing support.
2. File encoding detection. Detects for UTF-16 (w BOM) and UTF-8, and fallbacks to locale. 3. Multibyte message. No more \x?? with printable wide strings in messages. 4. Enhanced usability on BSDs. openpty(3), flock(2)-only locking, etc. 5. Internal sendmail function. Nvi sends recovery notifications when system start up, but /usr/sbin/sendmail is too slow. 6. Recover files with arbitrary file name -- my version base64 them in the recovery files. 7. Full-featured file name completion. The completion accepts/yields escaped path, like your bash/tcsh.

Most of that sounds useful.

/usr/sbin/sendmail is the traditional way for programs to submit email, and it usually works well. What problem did you have with that, and what is your solution in more detail?

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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