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Re: running multiple httpds

On Wed, 15 Aug 2012 17:47:55 +0200
dieter roelants <> wrote:

> I have a machine where I run more than one instance of httpd(8). To do
> so, I have patched the httpd rc script like below. It allows me to
> symlink the rc script to e.g. httpd_site1, and set $httpd_site1_wwwdir,
> $httpd_site1_wwwaddr, etc.
> The ugly thing about it (except the kinda hard to read eval
> statements), is the abuse of $_file from run_rc_script(). So, what do
> you guys think; is this useful enough to export the $_file variable,
> e.g. as $script_name and modify the script in -base?

No opinions? If I send-pr it, will it sit in gnats forever?


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