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Re: /usr/pkg cleanup, files not owned by any package

On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 07:53:21PM +0530, Mayuresh wrote:
> > Why do you care in particular to get rid of them?
> Space, nuisance and feeling of untidiness and loss of control over your
> installation.

If you care much, I recommend you create a list of installed packages,
save your customized config files, blow away /usr/pkg/ and
/var/db/pkg, and reinstall from the list, then copy over your changed
config files.

That's what I do regularly on one system I maintain running -current,
after every update with a version bump. For the packages I have
installed (over 1200) there are no leftover files after pkg_delete'ing
everything (except etc/texmf*).

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