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Re: /usr/pkg cleanup, files not owned by any package

   Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2012 22:34:59 +0530
   From: Mayuresh <>

   I do not know how this would have happened, but I find there are files on
   my system under /usr/pkg, on which if I run pkg_info -F -e <filename> it
   says they are not owned by any package.                                 

   I'd just like to remove those files that are not owned by any package to 
   clean up /usr/pkg (at least bin and lib directories as at least in theory
   etc can have files that are hand made).

Before you do that, make sure the pathname->package mapping has not
been corrupted -- it doesn't seem to be terribly robust, and I have
often seen it go wrong.  You can use the `pkg_admin rebuild' command
to regenerate it afresh from the installed packages.

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