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Re: 16bit ctype table


> Hi all,
> any objection to the attached patch? It extends the ctype table to 16bit
> and proper masks for the various types. ABI compatibility is preserved.

the patch is very similar to the one i posted tech-userlevel few years ago.
then you have objection, what makes change your mind? ;)

anyway, your patch missing 2 point.

1. don't rename _ctype2_ -> _ctype_ table by hand.
use __LIBC12_SOURCE__ macro or other trick on src/libc/compat/*/Makefile
to provide{12,13} from same source tree.

look carefuly my old patch, i set _COMPAT_BSDCTYPE trick on
src/libc/compat/locale/Makefile for it.

2. _CTYPE_* macro should be similar to _RUNETYPE_*.
once you agreed, aren't you?

my old patch, relation of _CTYPE_* and _RUNETYPE_* is:

    (_CTYPE_A << 8) == _RUNETYPE_A

we already lost it by adding _CTYPE prefix done by you
there is no need to consider legacy.

very truly yours.
Takehiko NOZAKI<>

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