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Proposal: _ctype_ table bitwidth change


one more TODO in  src/lib/libc/shlib_version:

- change _ctype_ table in ctype.h and gen/ctype_.c 8bit -> 16 or 32bit.
  it's insufficient bitwidth to implement all ctype class.
  see isblank's comment in ctype.h.

our ctype.h doesn't supply macro version of isblankI(3).
because _ctype_ table is 8bit, it can not afford to reserve a bit for
blank character.
(isblank is frequently called from shell, editor and so on, providing
macro version is important, i think)

i wrote patch to increase _ctype_ table bit to 16bit, patch is here.

any comment?

very truly yours.
Takehiko NOZAKI<>

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