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Re: Limiting rpc.lockd to IPv4 only

On Sun, 12 Aug 2012, Greg Troxel wrote:

Paul Goyette <> writes:

So, for consistency with nfsd, should we modify lockd to only listen
on IPv4 by default, and require explicit option to listen on IPv6?

This is how nfsd behaves:

     -6      Listen to IPv6 requests as well as IPv4 requests. If IPv6
             support is not available, nfsd will silently continue and
             just use IPv4.

I think that's only that way because nfsd is so old.  In the modern
world, using both v4 and v6 should be the default.  nfsd may be too hard
to change (in terms of user pain imposed relative to gain), but there's
no reason to propagate this choice to programs that don't already have

Well, rpc.lockd is also rather old! This source file hasn't been modified in 10 years!

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