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Re: Limiting rpc.lockd to IPv4 only

On Sun, 12 Aug 2012, Christos Zoulas wrote:

In article <>,
Paul Goyette  <> wrote:

While starting my transition to an IPv6-enabled network, I discovered
that rpc.lockd was failing to start on my systems.

It seems that rpc.lockd insists on using IPv6 if it is available in the
kernel, whether or not IPv6 is enabled in /etc/netconfig

The attached patch adds options to rpc.lockd

        -4  Use IPv4 only, whether IPv6 is available or not
        -6  Use both IPv4 and IPv6 if IPv6 is available;  silently
            use IPv4 only if IPv6 is not available (default)

Any objections or comments?

This changes the semantics that have been traditional for these options.
(sshd, named, etc.)

-4 forces only ipv4
-6 forces only ipv6

these flags are mutually exclusive.
absence of both means use what's available.

I think we should make rpc.lockd behave the same way.

So, for consistency with nfsd, should we modify lockd to only listen on IPv4 by default, and require explicit option to listen on IPv6?

This is how nfsd behaves:

     -6      Listen to IPv6 requests as well as IPv4 requests. If IPv6
             support is not available, nfsd will silently continue and
             just use IPv4.

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