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Re: Limiting rpc.lockd to IPv4 only

In article <>,
Paul Goyette  <> wrote:
>While starting my transition to an IPv6-enabled network, I discovered 
>that rpc.lockd was failing to start on my systems.
>It seems that rpc.lockd insists on using IPv6 if it is available in the 
>kernel, whether or not IPv6 is enabled in /etc/netconfig
>The attached patch adds options to rpc.lockd
>       -4  Use IPv4 only, whether IPv6 is available or not
>       -6  Use both IPv4 and IPv6 if IPv6 is available;  silently
>           use IPv4 only if IPv6 is not available (default)
>Any objections or comments?

This changes the semantics that have been traditional for these options.
(sshd, named, etc.)

-4 forces only ipv4
-6 forces only ipv6

these flags are mutually exclusive.
absence of both means use what's available.

I think we should make rpc.lockd behave the same way.


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