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Re: disklabel problems on 3TB disc

On Dec 11,  6:39pm, Edgar =?iso-8859-1?B?RnXf?= wrote:
} > or put the raid on the raw disk itself.
} I'm not sure what you mean by that. If the disc is sd2, what string do I put
} in the RAIDframe ``START disks'' section? You can't mean ``rsd0c'' because

     rsd0d (assuming SCSI, or rwd0d for non-SCSI) on x86.

} a) I can't have raw partitions as RAIDframe components, can I? and

     According to this thread, yes you can.

} b) the kernel mis-computes rsd0c's size, doesn't it?

     The kernel knows the size of the disk.  It's just that the format
of disklabel(5) doesn't allow for disks larger then 2TB.  Of course,
when disklabel(5) was created, disks were sub-100M, and a disk larger
then 2TB was unimaginably large.

} And how do I limit the number of sectors RAIDframe uses (so I can replace
} a failed disc by a slightly smaller one)?

     Not sure off the top of my head.

}-- End of excerpt from Edgar =?iso-8859-1?B?RnXf?=

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