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Re: disklabel problems on 3TB disc

        Hello.  Below is a /etc/raid0.conf I use with this configuration.
I've been running this way for at least 2 years.
        As to the question about how to replace a failed component with a
slightly smaller one, the answeris you don't.  If you use 3TB disks as your
raid components, you'd better  have 3TB disks as replacements.
        If you  don't want to use the entire disk, then use gpt(8) partitions
on the disks, and build the raid set in the gpt partitions.  In that case,
the devices would look like:
(This is for the components of the raid set, in raidx.conf, in case that
isn't clear.)
        Then, build another gpt partition on the raid set itself, and it will
be yet another /dev/dk device.

Hope that helps.

#Raid Configuration File for (BB 4/12/2006)
#Brian Buhrow
#Describe the size of the array, including spares
START array
#numrow numcol numspare
1 8 1

#Disk section
#Stripe across two twa(4) cards.
START disks

#Layout section.  We'll use 63 sectors per stripe unit, 1 parity unit per 
#stripe unit, 1 parity unit per stripe, and raid level 5.
START layout
#SectperSu SusperParityUnit SusperReconUnit Raid_level
64 1 1 5

#Fifo section.  We'll use 100 outstanding requests as a start.
START queue
fifo 100

#spare section
#No spares.
#START spare

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