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Re: Proposal: Add option to add dates to write(1)

> [U]nless I'm mistaken several Linux-based desktop OSs are using dbus
> for [write-like messages to GUI login sessions]?  Is this considered
> a bad approach?

Considered?  By whom?  I'm sure there are plenty of people, especially
in the Liinux world, who think it's a fine approach.

I am not among them.  What little I've seen of dbus leads me to think
it's designed around the single-user assumption, that there is at most
one user (from its point of view) per machine.  This is a rather broken
assumption in multiple respects.  It might not be entirely unreasonable
to support it as an option, but this thread sounds to me as though it's
trying to come up with something to _replace_, not _supplement_, the
traditional write paradigm, and I think dbus is insufficiently general
for that.

If you want inter-terminal communication with daemons and nontrivial
user interfaces and such - in short, if you want talk(1) - you know
where to find it.

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