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Re: Adding missing __printflike attributions

> You already have

>       #define ATF_DEFS_ATTRIBUTE_FORMAT_PRINTF(a, b) ...

> in the atf sources.  What I meant in my earlier message was that you
> could change it to

>       #define __printflike(a, b) ...

> with no loss of portability to non-NetBSD systems,

__printflike, like everything beginning with __, is in "reserved to the
implementation" namespace.  It may or may not even be possible to
define a macro with such a name; if it is possible, it may invoke
arbitrarily complex implementation-specific semantics which may not
bear any visible relation to the semantics you want.

> and with an increase in readability.

Indeed.  If that's the concern, though, I'd suggest ATF_PRINTFLIKE,
which is only two characters longer (versus approximately double), is
not in reserved namespace, and follows the "macros are uppercase"
convention which has existed, for good reason, approximately forever.

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