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Re: Making powerd=YES default

On 25 July 2011 14:52, Marc Balmer <> wrote:
> Am 25.07.11 14:38, schrieb Jean-Yves Migeon:
>> Dear all,
>> Would it be acceptable to turn powerd on by default?
>> [...]
> My opinion is:  It should *not* be enabled by default, but rather during
> system install time, i.e. in sysinst, towards the end of the
> installation, the user should be asked a few questions:
> - Do you want to run powerd by default?
> - Do you want to run sshd by default?
> - etc.
> sysinst can then taylor /etc/rc.conf accordingly.
> (The OpenBSD installer asks such questions during install, you might
> want to check that one to see what I mean.)

It might almost be worth having a screen with a list of all the common
settings and let the user toggle them on and off (or set values),
similar to which sets are installed. That way someone can just accept
the defaults without having to answer half a dozen questions, plus
someone who wants to set specific items doesn't have to risk the
y,y,y,y, damn, missed the one I wanted to set


A) root shell          /bin/ksh
B) Enable ssh        YES
C) Enable powerd YES
D) ...

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