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Making powerd=YES default

Dear all,

Would it be acceptable to turn powerd on by default? Rationale follows:

My current save/restore code for Xen makes use of it. The way the Xen API is designed does not permit sending back notifications to dom0 to inform that suspension cannot be done, and this ends up with a xm(1) command sleeping ~forever without the user's knowing why.

IMHO this is quite inconvenient from an admin's perspective, and the only ways around are:
1 - to have powerd(8) enabled by default,
2 - let the domU start it (assuming he knows that he has to) before firing suspend events. Assuming that the dom0 admin is not necessarily the domU's admin, this can be problematic. 3 - completely circumvent powerd(8) by managing the event in kernel, and let the pmf(9) threads perform the sleep for us.

IMHO, 1) looks like the best trade off. 3) feels awkward, because it's a choice that says powerd(8) might not be necessary for suspension, which is a departure from delegating power management to userland.

Opinions welcome. if no one objects, I'll go for 1) in a week or so :)


Jean-Yves Migeon

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