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Re: Moving rc.d scripts to base.tgz

> Depends.  Is this a bug that you think should be addressed?  (I have
> never had the need to change the default ordering of the execution of
> these scripts, but my needs haven't been extraordinary... so I don't
> know.)  If it is a bug, then it should be fixed and not worked-around
> by users changing the scripts.
I can't say it's really a bug. It's a design decision — good or bad — I don't
agree with and want changed. It's easier to change it on my machine only
than force it down everybody else's throat, since they may have different
ideas about what's right and what's wrong. So that's what I do: change it

> If there is a legitimate need for users to change the ordering as part
> of configuration [...]
Legitimate? What do you mean by that? If it doesn't do what I want, I change
it. Really, why do you think users shouldn't touch rc.d's contents?

Let me offer a different approach to this: move rc.d somewhere else,
say /etc/defaults, and if there's a script with the same name in /etc/rc.d,
execute that one instead. Then you may move /etc/defaults/rc.d to base and
change etcupdate, postinstall, etc. accordingly.

Best regards

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