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Re: GSoC Project: Replacement for Apropos

On Mar,Thursday 24 2011, at 8:58 AM, Abhinav Upadhyay wrote:

> Hi again,
> I am all set with NetBSD ready for work.
> Now, I was thinking that I will be needing some way to parse the man
> pages, and as mentioned on the project description page that mandoc
> utility can be used for doing that.
> I don't seem to have mandoc available on my system. I checked out the
> man documents in /usr/share/man/ , they are in mdoc syntax (I guess) ,
> so I think they have to be parsed and then stored in the database.
> How do I install mandoc ? Also , is there a way to query which
> packages are available for installing ?
> I mean I naively tried "pkg_add -v mandoc"  and it failed :). If I
> could query the available packages database I could know, which
> package contains mandoc.

Mdoc parser is called mdocml and you can find it in src/external/bsd/,
it contains library used for parsing mdoc files.

> Thanks
> Abhinav
> On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 11:15 PM, Marc Balmer <> 
> wrote:
>>> Thanks for the pointers regarding the build tools used and the coding
>>> guidelines.  I will be using C for creating this utility, so that's no
>>> concern.
>>> I have installed NetBSD on my hard disk as well as on QEMU with Linux
>>> as the host OS. I am currently trying to play and configure the
>>> development environment inside qemu, so that I can repeat the same on
>>> the actual installation of netbsd and switch to it permanently, as for
>>> some strange reasons I am not able to make my system dual boot.
>>> I installed gnome ,  I ran gdm on the terminal, it started gnome, but
>>> after logging in it gave an error, and went back to the terminal.
>>> Rather than troubling you with the problem, I want to know how do you
>>> guys do development usually ? What desktop environment you use and are
>>> there any documentation for this ?
>> I am using a Mac Book Pro Laptop, running Mac OS X.  I run different
>> NetBSDs inside VMware Fusion and use BBEdit to edit files over sftp
>> directly in the virtualized NetBSD machine.  I usually have several ssh
>> connections to the virtual machine open, to start compiler and such, but
>> the editing is done on Mac OS X using BBEdit.



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