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Proposal: fpos_t and funopen(3) API change

hi, all.

according to src/lib/libc/shlib_version, following TODO remain before
libc major bump:

 - libc/stdio: make fpos_t larger.  see BUGS section in fgetpos(3).
   probably s/fpos_t/off_t/ in __sFILE and __sseek().  it involves
   funopen(3) api change.


C1X spec says:
Each wide-oriented stream has an associated mbstate_t object that
stores the current
parse state of the stream. A successful call to fgetpos stores a
representation of the
value of this mbstate_t object as part of the value of the fpos_t
object. A later
successful call to fsetpos using the same stored fpos_t value restores
the value of


so  i wrote patch for this

any comment?

very truly yours.
Takehiko NOZAKI <>

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