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Re: Updating syslog(3), syslogd(8) to support RFC-5424

>> Personally, I think message bodies should be encoding-agnostic octet
>> strings, not character strings at all as far as syslog(3) and
>> syslog(8) are concerned; I'd just remove the "c &= 0177".
> I presume something else stop control characters and escape sequences
> being sent to the console (and other terminals).

Probably the same thing that does now - there's code to map octets
0..31 to ^-plus-letter codes.

Note that UTF-8 will make this _worse_, because it will require that
octets in X3.41's C1 range be passed unmolested, meaning that if you
tell syslog to send to a terminal which uses X3.41 or something like it
(a VT-220, say, or any of various terminal emulators), some UTF-8
characters will lead to octets which will be taken as C1 controls.

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