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Re: Updating syslog(3), syslogd(8) to support RFC-5424

>>> Our syslog(3) functions and syslogd(8) daemon currently support
>>> RFC-3164, the BSD syslog protocol.  This basically means that
>>> logged messages are 7-bit ASCII strings (with some exceptions).

"In essence, it is RECOMMENDED to transmit a syslog message in the
format specified in this document, but it is not required." - 3164,
first paragraph of section 4.  See also 4.1.3.

>>> RFC-5424 superceedes and obsoletes RFC-3164 and uses UTF-8 for
>>> messages,

That's a SHOULD, not a MUST, unless you're using STRUCTURED-DATA.  And,
in any case, it suffers from the same bug as the SSH RFCs: the delusion
that every octet string that is a character string at the human layer
has its encoding known to software.

Personally, I think message bodies should be encoding-agnostic octet
strings, not character strings at all as far as syslog(3) and syslog(8)
are concerned; I'd just remove the "c &= 0177".

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