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Updating syslog(3), syslogd(8) to support RFC-5424

Our syslog(3) functions and syslogd(8) daemon currently support
RFC-3164, the BSD syslog protocol.  This basically means that logged
messages are 7-bit ASCII strings (with some exceptions).

Since NetBSD has nice locale support applications using Unicode are not
that uncommon. It looks a bit arcane that syslog is limited to ASCII
(though there might be valid reasons to only using ASCII in syslog, but
I am not aware of them).

RFC-5424 superceedes and obsoletes RFC-3164 and uses UTF-8 for messages,
it should be backwards compatible since the lower 127 characters of
UTF-8 are ASCII.

Did someone already looking into updating syslog to RFC-5424 or has this
been discussed before?  Since I use Unicode and UTF-8 a lot, I'd love if
NetBSD supported it in syslog and might even spend some time on this.

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