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Re: Adding software to base

> I'd be curious to know what percentage (or even part of a percent) of
> NetBSD users use or had heard of tmux, especially compared with
> screen.

The plural of "anecdote" is not "data" - but I think it may be as close
as we'll get here.  I don't think I'd ever heard of tmux until this

I don't use screen, though, so it may be that I just was/am not in the
right space to be aware of it.  (mterm, my terminal emulator for X, has
capabilities that are operationally similar to screen's major claims to
fame, the "detach and reconnect from elsewhere" and "use the same
session from multiple places" ones.  I've considered building a console
interface to it, in which case it would subsume much of screen's
functionality, but so far the itch hasn't gotten bad enough to make me
scratch it.)

> I'd also be curious about what percentage of people who install tmux
> now install no other pkgsrc software except tmux and therefore having
> tmux in base absolves the need for pkgsrc altogether.

Can't speak to any part of that, since I don't use screen, see no
reason to think I'll use tmux, and don't use pkgsrc.

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