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Re: Adding software to base

Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:

> It seems to me there are several common-sense criteria for adding
> software to base.  None are entirely objective.
> 1) There should be a clear benefit to having the new program or
>    library in the system for a substantial number of NetBSD users.
> [ ... ]
> By these criteria, from my point of view, if we were considering adding
> each today, tmux would clearly come in, [ ... ]

I'd be curious to know what percentage (or even part of a percent) of
NetBSD users use or had heard of tmux, especially compared with screen.

I'd also be curious about what percentage of people who install tmux now
install no other pkgsrc software except tmux and therefore having tmux
in base absolves the need for pkgsrc altogether.  While I'm a screen
user (and it is one of the first things I install via pkgsrc), is tmux
so essential that it's needed before programs from pkgsrc can be added?
I don't see screen in that category, and I don't understand enough of
tmux to see that there's any difference there.


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