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Re: chown in /sbin

On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 12:20 AM, Adam Hamsik <> 
> So how I should do this move first I think it's a correct way
> (but we lose cvs history)
> copy usr.sbin/[chown|chgrp] to sbin/
> fix makefiles [add them in sbin/Makefile remove them in usr.sbin/Makefile]
> cvs add them
> cvs commit files
> change lists mark usr.sbin/[chown|chgrp] as obsolete add sbin/[chown|chgrp]
> cvs commit lists
> cvs remove usr.sbin/[chown|chgrp]
> fix mtree entries to make a link from
>        /sbin/[chown|chgrp] to /usr/sbin/[chown|chgrp]
> cvs commit mtree
> Is this proper way to do this move ?

I'd add/remove the files in the same commit.  When (should I say if?)
we ever migrate off of CVS, the conversion tools will have an easier
time detecting a file move if it happens roughly at the same time and
with the same commit message.

Julio Merino

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