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Re: mksh import

,--- You/Joerg (Sat, 1 Jan 2011 16:47:07 +0100) ----*
| Bash is not even compatible with the rest of the GNU shell tools. How
| else would you explain that the test builtin and /usr/bin/test from
| coretuils are not compatible?

Why is this important?

I am on a FreeBSD system now:

type -a test
test is a shell builtin
test is /bin/test

I don't even have the coretuils port installed.

When would I need to use /bin/test, or /usr/bin/test,
/usr/local/bin/test or /usr/pkg/bin/test?  The builtin is found and
used by 'bash' unless I do something special (I don't even remember
what, because I never had to use a utility instead of a Bash builtin.)

-- Alex -- --

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