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Re: mksh import

> Let me try to offer you a user's perspective.

> [...]

> And, any day of the week, I could say, "Thank God, Bash exists!.."


What does that have to do with what goes into base?

There are tons of tools I have and use (and mostly wrote) which lead me
to say similar things[%].  But I'm not trying to get any of them into
base; I draw a distinction between "this is useful to me" and "this is
worth imposing on every install of NetBSD, including ones not involving
humans indirecting with it directly".  I'm not even sure I think base's
sh should have line editing support, though the benefit to humans doing
broken-system repair may be worth it.

[%] blt.  buffer.  calc.  catblock.  char-to-code/code-to-char.
    compare.  copytolog.  count.  cvtbase.  filetimes.  findproc.
    halign.  kal.  ls.  mcgrep.  mcsh.  nc.  rdiff.  skipcat.
    wait-for.  That's just the ones I can name offhand that find
    frequent applicability no matter what I'm doing; there are many
    more for more specialized use (such as the netpbm suite when
    working with images).

I've tried to use bare NetBSD, ie, without at least a handful of the
most useful of those tools.  It's...painful.  I'm quite crippled until
I get a reasonable subset of them in place.

Does that mean I think any of them belong in base?  No.  A few of them
might, but utility to me is not the touchstone.

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