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Re: Proposal for cp -a

 >>> When you say you think it is very useful, do you mean that it's useful
 >>> for NetBSD to mimic other systems, or do you mean that it's useful in
 >>> some other sense?
 >> Copying directories recursively preserving file attributes is one of
 >> the file operation I do regulary. So, -a option seems to me a little bit
 >> more convenient to type than -Rp (-P is not mandatory as it is the default)
 >> and easier to remember (<A>rchive). Also -a may be helpful for those
 >> who come to NetBSD from other systems, notably FreeBSD and Linux.
 >> So, yes, mimicing other systems may be a benefit too taking into account
 >> that 'cp -a' is accepted in Linux and some other platforms
 >> for very long time.
> Why not just alias -Rp to -a on your local system then?

In UNIX-like systems we often have more than one way to do things we
need. For example, we can use more portable

   gzip -dc file | tar -xf- 

(some tar-s doesn't have -z option) instead of

   tar -zxf file

with reasonable overhead for context switches or

   gzip -dc

instead of


You know, there are a lot of other real life examples.

One way may be a bit more easier and/or shorter than another one.
The same for 'cp -a'. I have no strong opinion here.
Yes, 'cp -Rp' works fine, no problem.
My intention was to make 'cp -a' *sligtly* easier
for regular use. That's all.
If this benefit doesn't sound reasonable to NetBSD developers,
no problem, I'm fine with 'cp -Rp'.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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