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Re: struct terminal in /usr/include/term.h

> Speaking of doing the right thing, kindly fix your mail server.

>     501 HELO argument must be a valid domain name;
> `'
>     isn't.

"Speaking of doing the right thing", kindly don't mangle strings by
inserting incorrect line breaks into them.  (There were no line breaks
in that message as my server emitted it, but after passing through
stuff on your end, it seems to have acquired two of them.)

Good point, though.  I should fix the rejection message; when I blocked
.name, I did it by making my local nameserver authoritative for the
zone.  I need to also set up something mailer-level to get a saner
rejection message.  I was not expecting anyone but spammers to expand
into the stupid proliferation of TLDs that .name was part of, so I
didn't put much thought into what the rejection would look like.

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