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Re: struct terminal in /usr/include/term.h

>>> It looks like Linux or FreeBSD uses `struct term' instead of
>>> `struct terminal' to typedef `TERMINAL'.
>> That's no reason to copy their mistake.  They shouldn't be stomping
>> on user namespace either.
> That's theoretically a good point, but isn't valid actually.

I disagree.

> Since not only Linux and FreeBSD, but also commercial UNIX variants
> (including Solaris) use struct term as well.

So, _if_ we use a struct tag, we should use struct term.  This says
nothing about whether we should use a struct tag at all.

> Thus, portable software cannot use struct term with <term.h> anyway.

That's still not a reason to copy their mistake.

(a) Some software doesn't care about portability to Linux and FreeBSD.

(b) The situation can't be fixed generally until someone takes the
first step.  Let's be a leader on this issue.  "_We_ have fixed this
bug.  Has _your_ OS?"

(c) It's just _wrong_ to pollute user namespace, whether everyone else
does it or not.  NetBSD is supposedly about doing things right.

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