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Re: struct terminal in /usr/include/term.h

> Today, I found that emacs trunk no longer built on NetBSD-current due
> to symbol conflict (see below).  [...]

> Is there any reason we picked the symbol `terminal' instead?  If
> there is no specific reason, I guess it is better to rename it.

Why does it have a tag at all?  Why not just
"typedef struct { ... } TERMINAL"?  The struct tag is clearly not part
of the exported API (or the question wouldn't even arise), so it seems
to me we shouldn't be stomping on what as far as this file is concerned
is user namespace with it.

> It looks like Linux or FreeBSD uses `struct term' instead of `struct
> terminal' to typedef `TERMINAL'.

That's no reason to copy their mistake.  They shouldn't be stomping on
user namespace either.

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