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Re: PSD, SMM and USD manuals: Round 2

> Not quite. The final SCCS tree, which had commits that were not
> reflected in the Lite2 release, was released and is available.
> Nominally, most people buy it from Kirk, but it is freely
> distributable at this point.
Is this[1] what you are speaking about? I'm aware of it, but I can surely find
better ways to spend >$100. It would be great if you would upload the relevant
parts somewhere (or better yet the whole thing, if the license permits it).
BTW uwe has just sent me a patch for 16.lex and now it looks as it should. See
the attached file.

Best regards.

---     2010-08-26 23:49:27.000000000 +0400
+++      2010-09-08 22:46:50.000000000 +0400
@@ -858,9 +858,9 @@
 l l.
-" "            |
-"\et"          |
-"\en"          ;
+" "    |
+"\et"  |
+"\en"  ;
 with the same result, although in different style.
 The quotes around \en and \et are not required.
@@ -1512,7 +1512,7 @@
 {D}+   printf("integer");
 {D}+"."{D}\(**({E})?   |
 {D}\(**"."{D}+({E})?   |
-{D}+{E}                printf("real");
+{D}+{E}        printf("real");
 Note the first two rules for real numbers;
 both require a decimal point and contain
@@ -1876,8 +1876,8 @@
 l l.
 {d}1{m}{a}{c}{h}       {yytext[0] =+ \(fmr\(fm  \- \(fmd\(fm;
-               ECHO;
-               }
+       ECHO;
+       }
 To avoid such names as \fIdsinx\fR being detected as instances
 of \fIdsin\fR, some final rules pick up longer words as identifiers

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