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PSD, SMM and USD manuals: Round 2


As I wrote a week ago, I have recently been working on compiling the whole
set of manuals for 4.4BSD. I've gone through *all* manuals, not just those
missing from 4.4BSD-Lite2. Along with the original sources a patch and two
build scripts (the tools from the Groff suite can't build everything, so the
Heirloom doctools were used in addition to them) are provided for each
document, and an occasional README file, too.

The missing pieces come from 4.4BSD-Alpha or, where available, from NetBSD's
CVS repository. There are some documents which have only a historical value
or describe software no longer distributed with BSD. Such is the case with
PSD:7 (07.pascal) and USD:28 (28.bib). It's impossible to build them on a
modern system, so I had to install 4.3BSD to do some of the job. Therefore
you'll see files which are not part of the original set. In these cases
there's also a BIG FAT WARNING telling you not to remove them, or else.

The Makefiles are left untouched, since I don't have the required expertise
to fix them. Some of them are altogether wrong. Also note that no files have
been edited to please groff -- if anyone knows how and has the time and the
wish to do it, please say so and I'll send you a copy of the changed sources.

Best regards

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