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Re: proplist [was: Importing xmlgrep into base]

> c) Use an external tool to convert to the XML subset supported by our
> internal tools. That's what I proposed in my other e-mail, and IMHO,
> the best solution.
I don't mean to step on anyone's toes, but this doesn't change the problem, it
just adds one more layer to it. There's XML and there's proplib's subset.
There's xml$foo which produces proplib XML, and nothing else to one-way
convert XML to proplib XML. The external tool approach doesn't work, because
one would like to be sure proplib stays as it is before writing such a tool.
If it's a part of the xmltools suite though, this argument won't be valid any
longer and everything will be just fine, I guess.

> Just for your information: libregxml wouldn't need to be replaced, for
> the most part. As I've said in another post, the XML-specific parsing
> is in regxml_xml(3).
Great to hear that.

Once again, I'm opposed to XML in this particular case, not to xmltools. It's
like using a sledgehammer to fix a nail. That's what my infallible gut feeling
(TM) tells me.

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