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Re: tn3270, mset and map3270

On Tue, Mar 02, 2010 at 08:15:19AM +0900, ITOH Yasufumi wrote:
> ahoka writes:
> > Are you kidding?
> It is a reality, unfortunately.
> > BTW, you totally missed this discussion by months.
> Good point.
> Honoring the prior discussion is a good thing.
> We had discussion on terminfo years ago, and we concluded not
> to go terminfo since our new termcap is better than terminfo
> (ncurses implementation).  This is why we didn't import ncurses
> and decided to improve our curses library.
> Please honor our discussion and the conclusion.

I'm sorry, but this is an inappropriate time for you to revisit
the discussion of Roy's recent changes.  They were discussed over
a period of many months, with full knowledge that the subject had
been discussed years ago with regard to ncurses, and Roy went out
of his way to make every change anyone requested to improve the
functionality, performance, and usability of his terminfo changes.

If you think you've got any serious chance of persuading Roy, or,
I suspect, core, to back out his entire work now, I believe you
are very wrong -- particularly since you seem to have ignored the
entire recent discussion and are now essentially demanding that
everyone involved in it simply defer to your opinion.

I do not think that's going to happen.


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