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Re: tn3270, mset and map3270

In article <> writes:

> What makes you think that terminfo(5) doesn't allow this also?

I knew some implementations have extension to allow custom
capabilities, but is not portable.
Interesting enough, the extension is something like adding termcap
entry in the terminfo, and inconsistent with the original idea of

The idea of terminfo(5) (terminfo(4) might be more precise, since
UNIX System V reordered section number) is to use a fixed array of
capabilities to speed-up loading database, so basically there is
no room for custom capabilities.

To use custom capabilities, we can use termcap almost everywhere.

Do you have any benefit to use terminfo for programs that are
already written to use termcap?
Since our new termcap library is fast, I don't see any benefit to
rewrite termcap programs for terminfo.  It just causes loss of
features such as $TERMCAP.

(I'm not objecting for providing termcap API somewhere, since it might
be useful to use programs written for terminfo without modification.)

ITOH Yasufumi

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