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Re: libevent (1.4.12-stable) -> external/bsd

In article <>,
Iain Hibbert  <> wrote:
>> > >2. I'm not sure how best to deal with the regression tests - they are
>> > >currently in regress/lib/libevent and I've switched them to SUBDIR from
>> > >regress/lib/Makefile into external/bsd/libevent/regress and reachover from
>> > >there but not sure if thats going to work -- suggestions?
>> >
>> > Someone should make them atf?
>> Most likely though I don't know how
>Ok, I worked this out and wrote an ATF shell wrapper for the distributed
>libevent C test program. Latest diff at
>in summary
>       bump libevent to 1.4.12-stable (minor bugfix release)
>       move libevent to external/bsd
>       include "select" backend
>       change regression tests to ATF (all pass on i386)

Looks good to me. Are you going to add __RCSID()? Typically we put generated
config.h files in include not in lib, but I don't care either way.


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