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libevent (1.4.12-stable) -> external/bsd

   I notice that tls@ updated libevent to 1.4.11-stable earlier this year
though within a couple of weeks 1.4.12-stable was released (heh :). I was
looking at updating it and moving to external/bsd at the same time. I've
not got up to installing and testing yet but see the work so far at:

1. when cross building for sparc64 I find /usr/lib/sparc/libevent* files
are missing from DESTDIR as they don't get installed -- why might that be?

2. I'm not sure how best to deal with the regression tests - they are
currently in regress/lib/libevent and I've switched them to SUBDIR from
regress/lib/Makefile into external/bsd/libevent/regress and reachover from
there but not sure if thats going to work -- suggestions?

3. I 'fixed' the compiler and lint errors by removing the checks that
fail. Its probably not too difficult to fix them properly but will check
with the author and see if they are worth fixing on the 1.4 branch, as 2.x
is in development

4. currently we don't include the "select" subsystem and there is no easy
way to disable it in the configure script so I've added it -- I could work
up a way to discard it if there is a particular reason we don't want it?


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