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Re: Lua as a scripting language in NetBSD

Am 18.10.2009 um 17:20 schrieb Alan Barrett:

On Sun, 18 Oct 2009, Marc Balmer wrote:
otoh, I would like to point out that the topic of this discussion is
actually way more focused than if we want a scripting language in
base. The question is "Do we want Lua in base".

"Do we want Lua in base" cannot easily be answered before getting
a "yes" to "Do we want an embeddable scripting language in base".

In the end, almost all languages can be embedded. Strictly speaking, the solution to all problems is already there, without Lua, Python, Perl, ECMAScript, Java, Tcl etc. But I think we are also speaking about how easy to use a language is. And ease of use has several aspects imo:

- How easy is it to learn and be productive with the language?
- How easy is it to maintain it in an environment like NetBSD?
- How easy can it be integrated in software, assuming for a moment that integration into software is something we want?

And some of these questions must be answered with the average NetBSD user in mind; I bet any random NetBSD developer is skilled enough to use any language for these purposes, can integrate anything, learn anything at the speed of light, and maintain anything in NetBSD. To some extend I see Lua as a vehicle to make complex stuff accessible in a less complex way.

What I need is a reasonably small, fast, embeddable language that can
be used to extend software.

Please give some examples of the kinds of tasks you would like to
enable using an embedded scripting language.  You seem to keep on
ignoring this issue, but I think this issue is fundamental.  (I
don't mean examples as in running code, I mean examples as in
reasonably detailed descriptions of problems and proposed solutions.)

Yes, I know I have yet to reply to this request made by more than one person to indicate were I actually want to use it. This will be answered. I just wanted to collect a bit of feedback first, steppin into the discussion from time to time.

I see this first round of discussion an idea-collecting round, to be followed by more precise and detailled discussions. That said, I am happy with the feedback I got so far.

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