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Re: terminfo implementation

On Saturday 18 July 2009 16:06:58 Thomas Dickey wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 18, 2009 at 11:22:56AM +0100, Roy Marples wrote:
> > Still 3x quicker ;)
> > Maybe this is because I just write one database whereas ncurses spits
> > out one per terminal?
> ncurses has the option of writing to a hashed database rather than
> to a directory-tree.

True. I'll try turning it on and re-test.

> (NetBSD code tends to build only in NetBSD - I've not looked to see
> if your code ports to other systems where I might measure it ;-)

These are the BSD only functions/macros I think I use

fgetln (I've recoded around getline(3) as NetBSD-current now has it)
strlcpy (this really should be in glibc)

The jenkins hash I use for fast string lookup uses these additional functions.

Other BSDisms such as errx are available in glibc.

My Gentoo box appears to lack the dbm_open(3) interface even though it's a 
standard (no header, not in libc - but man page exists which is odd).

So porting it is non trivial. Also I'm not sure it's that worthwhile beyond 
the half hour I've spent working the above out as World + Dog seems to be 
using ncurses and happy with it.

You are also welcome to install NetBSD ;)



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