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Re: strtonum(3) from OpenBSD?

On Tue, 23 Jun 2009 17:14:54 -0400
Matthew Mondor <> wrote:

> On Tue, 23 Jun 2009 19:28:37 +0200
> Adam Hoka <> wrote:
> > And what about implementing something with similar functionality sans the 
> > mentioned
> > api problems and put it into libutil?
> Would OpenBSD and those few other programs also convert their code to
> use a new interface though?  Otherwise we don't solve much...
> Two possible draft alternatives are attached to fuel even more
> debate (yes, seems I had too much time on my hands tonight :)  But
> looking at how small these functions really are, maybe they're still
> best embedded into the programs needing them?  Which if already
> embedding strtonum() might best be left as-is.
> So strtoint() uses intmax_t but doesn't allow to know if the supplied
> value was too large or too small if out of range, as it uses standard
> errno values.
> On the other hand, strtoi() also using intmax_t provides an interface
> with a custom error system (in this case it's still better than
> strtonum() where this information was only human-readable, and its
> optional error string could be provided via a localized and thread-safe
> function similar to strerror_r(), over-engineering for a simple problem
> but allright for "correctness" :)
> -- 
> Matt

Well the main problem is, that a lot of stuff in src/ totally lacks error 
checking when they parse integers. Try passing INT_MIN-1 to random apps on 
command line. :-)
Though they could be fixed in the standard way, but thats a lot of code 

Adam Hoka <>
Adam Hoka <>
Adam Hoka <>

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